Ever write a song that you thought was PERFECT for Faith Hill?

What about Garth Brooks? Rhianna? Casting Crowns? Foo Fighters?

Can you hear them performing one of your songs?

You’ll have to get in line!

There are over 400,000 people who claim to write songs, 40,000 of which profess to be ‘songwriters’.

And that’s only in America! In Nashville there are HUNDREDS of writers being paid to write songs
on a daily basis! It’s been alleged that an artists, their managers, and record company listen to as many as 12,000 songs just to find the 10-12 that make it onto an album.

How do YOU compete?

There’s no easy answers, and no fast way. If you’re not in Nashville, you’re nowhere.

But is that true today?

Thanks to FantasySongPitch.com, it’s a lot less true than it was just a few weeks ago.

We’re planning on having some fun!

If you’ve ever played fantasy sports (like Yahoo Fantasy
Football®) you might get the idea.

Here’s the game: You pick the artist your song is right for. You “pitch” it into “competition” with all
the other songs competing for that artists attention. People vote on which song they think is best suited for the artist you’re “pitching” to.

What do I win if I win?

Prestige! Fame! Fortune!… nope. You win bragging rights. Those ‘rights’ may not sound like much,
but when you’re presenting that song to publishers, it might mean something. Imagine saying “out of
500 other songs, and with 10,000 votes, this song rose to the top as being the RIGHT song for artist X”. Your numbers are getting closer to the mark they’re already familiar with (remember 12,000 songs pitched for only 10-12 cut).

Here’s the kicker, NO PROMISES-NO GUARENTEES, but we might just ask if we (Song Pitchers Publishing, ASCAP) can pitch the winning song to the artist you’ve chosen.* (read the rules, it’s simple)

And here’s something else: Together with our partners, on certain artists or song categories, at certain times, we will offer prizes in the form of money, gift cards, recording studio time, instruments, coaching and other things of interest to all songwriters.

What do you have to do?

First you must register. After registering, you choose the artist you think your song is right for. Upload
your song and lyric sheet (ALL songs MUST have a lyric sheet). A short description space is added for you to tell about the song, as well as the reason YOU think it’s the right song for that artist.

Tell others to come, listen, and vote. It’s that simple.

ASK A QUESTION = PITCH A SONG (Is my song right for?)



Eventually, we will grow to the point where one song per artist per month will “win”.

Twelve songs per year will make the “Fantasy” album for
that artist.

Once the twelve songs are “cut”, another competition will begin among those twelve songs
to choose the “singles”.

Four “Singles” will be chosen.

Each year the competition begins anew for that artist.


1. You MUST own the copyright to the songs you have listed in this competition and it MUST be
an original work of art. (Once a song is written it is covered by copyright law and the writers of the
song own the copyright) In other words, NO Covers, NO exceptions.

2. ALL writers of the song must be given proper credit.

3. You MUST provide a lyric sheet with each song entry.

4. Songs are “pitched” to artists based on the artists category.

5. If you have a song that would be right for multiple artists, you must pitch the song to each artist category individually.

6. The title of the Question (ie. Pitch) is the Title of your song.

7. If it is a “general” question about the artist and not a pitch, please write “GENERAL: your question” and fill in the box.

8. *SHOULD we choose to pitch your song to an artist, we will first notify you by email with our
intentions and a simple agreement stating that IF we are successful on your behalf and get the
song cut, we get the publishing to the song. If the song does not get cut, we own nothing and
have no claims. If you choose to not sign or agree to this in writing, we will not pitch your song
but will wish you the best in your career!

9. We reserve the right to amend the rules without notice.